Bromo Ijen Tour Package on Tight Budget From Singapore

Bromo Ijen Tour Package on Tight Budget From Singapore .There are many agencies offering tour to Bromo and Ijen with very high price points. Not everyone can afford such tour packages, although they are indeed more convenient. Is it possible to arrange a Bromo Ijen tour package on tight budget? Well, it is very possible to do so. You just need to arrange your itinerary well as well as understanding basic costs that you need to pay. Compromising is a way to lower the total cost of this trip. Please see best bromo ijen tour company at

Bromo Ijen Tour From Singapore

Instead of staying at hotel, you can try to rent room from villagers that live around the mountain. In addition to get cheaper accommodation, it will help immersing with local ambience. Seeing sunrise at Penanjakan’s viewpoint is a must-to-do activity in any Bromo Ijen tour package. Usually, tour agency will arrange a Jeep to pick you up early in the morning. Reaching the viewpoint is actually possible by foot. You can hire local to be your guide for this specific occasion and try to obtain information related to the mountain routes and best spots as much as possible. If you have befriended locals, the cost can be cut down further. When you do not feel like walking, asking local to drive you there with their motorcycle is also an option. It is definitely cheaper compared to renting a car.

To get to Ijen from Bromo, you can get on bus instead of going by car. In this part of Bromo Ijen tour package, the main attraction is seeing blue lava at Ijen crater. The blue flame is in fact sulfur gas that lit up in blue color because of surrounding darkness at night. It is recommended that you get professional guide for this trip since risk of gas poisoning is quiet present. Bringing safety gear like gas mask is also highly suggested.  Of course, cutting down budget does not mean ignoring your own safety.