Dear YouTuber, Here are 7 Ways to Get More Subscriber to YouTube Quickly

You have a YouTube channel but the number of subscribers is only tens. Then how to add subscribe to YouTube?

You can find the subscribe button below any YouTube video or on the channel page. After subscribing to the channel, every new video published by that channel will appear in your subscription feed.

You can also start receiving notifications when a subscribed channel publishes new content. If you have a lot of subscribers, you have the opportunity to rake big income as a YouTuber. Here’s how to add to your YouTube subscribe quickly and safely that summarized from wikiahow:

1. Must-Have Interesting Content

In order for you to have many subscribers, you must have interesting content and videos. Uploaded videos must be funny or spooky videos and entertaining videos. It can also video about current news.

2. Upload Routine Videos

Here, the highlight is productivity. The more you upload videos, the more fans you have. Don’t forget about video quality if you upload videos regularly.

You can upload it every weekend. There are already people waiting for your video.

3. Distribute the Video Link to Instagram, WhatsApp, and More

How to add subscribers to the next YouTube, you can use social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter to publish your content. Do this after finishing uploading a video. Guaranteed, gradually your YouTube channel will also have many subscribers.

4. Give Popular Keywords

Don’t underestimate the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is not only used in written articles. To upload videos, you have to optimize SEO. Optimizing SEO by giving popular keywords.

YouTube can read the name of your video file and all the code when you upload a video. So if the keyword you want to use is how to plant chili, then make it the name of your video file followed by video formats such as MP4, MOV, and others.

You can also use tags to let the viewer know about the video. By tagging, you not only tell the viewer, but you also tell YouTube. YouTube will then associate your video with other videos. This can expand the reach of video content. Keep in mind, don’t just tag. Tag the relevant contents of the video.

5. Create a Short Title

Just like an article, make a concise title. Make the title clear and concise. Keywords have a big role even if they are listed in the title, especially if the title matches what the viewer is looking for.

Videos with keywords that are also listed in the title are slightly superior to those who do not implement them. 60 characters are the safe limit so that the title is not truncated on the result page.

6. Learn and Apply Tips from YouTube

YouTube provides various tips so that everyone can succeed on YouTube. Many tutorials make quality videos and tips to increase the number of visitors. To get it, study it well, and practice their suggestions.

7. Translate your video

Translating videos is one way to add subscribers on YouTube. You can see in analytics, where your video viewers are coming from. If there is one European or American country, install the translation. For testing, you can translate one video with the most number of viewers.