List of the Best Universities in Delaware

The universities in Delaware have many options. If you are interested in continuing your studies here but still do not know which university, this article will give you a little guide. In the next section, we provide information on some of the best universities in Delaware.

1. University of Delaware

This is in fact the first and best university in Delaware. Throughout Delaware, the university is recognized as a leading research university. At this university, students must choose one of 140 undergraduate programs. That is from seven different universities. Some of them are Earth High School, Environment and Ocean. In addition, the university can also offer students extensive program options. Some of these include agriculture, art and humanities, engineering, education, energy and environmental policy, and linguistics.

2. Delaware State University

The university offers one of the largest degree options of many other universities in Delaware. Here, students can find many unique titles. Some of the many samples are BS in agriculture with emphasis on horse business management, BS in hospitality specializing in casino operations management, or even BS in biology, which focuses on cells, biotechnology and molecular. Next, we still have a lot of university information in Delaware. Tomcaster.

3. Goldey Beacom University

The university has achieved a success rate of over 90% to obtain full-time employment for the past 10 years in less than a year after students graduate. This fact is one of the main factors, which attracts many other students to continue their studies here. At this university, students can choose one of the seven Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees offered, or even a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Some programs are criminal justice, psychology, English and business.

4. Wilmington University

The university has seven academic colleges, which means it can accommodate more than 20,000 students each year. Meanwhile, the class size is still 17 students to keep the teaching and learning process in a good situation. Some of the degree programs offered by the university include business, law studies, education, computer media technology and more. Students can transfer up to 90 credits. On the other hand, the degree options that students can choose from include BS in public and government policy, software design and development, or even video and motion graphics. A singularity of this university is that it gives students the opportunity to experience the real world experience when they earn their university credits. It is usually done through work and existing employers, service learning internships and final projects. In addition, the university also offers students useful services and resources for those who wish to make an efficient transition to their new country or study their program.

That is all the information that this article can share with you right now. Hopefully, this will help you get more information about the universities in Delaware, or even choose one of the many universities in Delaware.