Seva Mobil Bekas : Honda Cylinder 4 Motor In Process

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers always compete to be the best in order to be a market option. The emergence of new technology or motorcycles will usually be followed by other brands.

After the emergence of the Kawasaki Ninja 4-cylinder aka ZX-25R which is unique to the market’s enthusiasm, Honda also has kept patents for 4-cylinder motorcycles as well. The patent blueprint for the motorbike has been raised by the European Intellectual Property Office.

The difference with Kawasaki, Honda chose an adventurous motorbike or ADV series from its product range to be included in this 4-cylinder engine. This plan is a new thing in the world of Honda adventurer motorcycles, which previously had only one, two and three cylinders. Currently on the market for 4-cylinder adventure motorcycles filled with only two names, Kawasaki Versys 1000 and BMW S1000XR.

Speaking of Honda’s 4-cylinder motor patents, this motorbike is not far from the Versys 1000 and the BMW S1000XR. Motor design wants to be sporty, instead of going wild. Wheels were created more suitable for asphalt rather than off-road terrain.

In essence, a 4-cylinder engine is not too precise mounted on a 4-cylinder motor. A 4 cylinder engine wants to be bigger compared to a lower cylinder even though the cubic is the same. This factor is different from the adventurous motor ergonomics which are both sleek.

Another reason for the astonishing 4-cylinder engine in an adventure motor is about compatibility and need. 4-cylinder engines are often used for asphalt street sporty motorcycles. This engine finds good performance in order to get power and torque at the top rotation, while an adventurous motor is more suitable to rely on bottom rotation.

Regardless of whether or not it is used properly, the four-cylinder engine can be large and will be ready to meet other Honda product lines. Very rarely the manufacturer develops a machine for just one type of motor.

As extra information, this 4-cylinder adventurer motorbike will be equipped with CRF650 adventure motorbike. Predictably the ranks of Honda motorbikes dedicated to the other 650cc will become 4 cylinders.

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