Tips Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget

Just hearing that the average American marriage spends nearly $ 20,000 will send many couples to the local peace court. But if you plan well and look for cheaper alternatives, you can plan a private wedding that is far below that price.

Studies show that couples in the United States spend between $ 14,686 and $ 24,476 for their marriage – not including engagement rings or honeymoon. The average cost for your big day is $ 19,581. In today’s tight economy, there are many reasons why many couples want to find ways to cut costs.

Look at the numbers

One of the best ways to find out the costs of various parts of your wedding is to consult a wedding budget calculator or estimator on the web. These sites may not provide a definite fee – or the price you can get from street flower sellers – but they will provide the average price paid by the bride today. Note: This does not reflect the price a wedding seller must pay. As you can imagine, prices vary greatly, but at least you will know whether the invitation represents $ 300 or $ 3000 from your budget.

A good rule of thumb is to expect to spend 50 to 100% more to hire experienced wedding professionals, choose designer dresses, order the most popular places, or ask for personal touches throughout the day. . So when you start planning your wedding and considering your choices, keep an open mind for all possibilities. Maybe a new young photographer can do the work instead of an experienced photographer, who costs three times more.

Here are the things that you need to consider in your wedding expenses and ways to cut costs:

Clothing and accessories

The bride needs a dress – but it can be a tailored and fitted designer dress or a rack dress that is modified to fit. And don’t forget that there is a place to rent a wedding dress, or you can borrow it from a friend. An expense you might not have thought of saving in your wedding dress, especially if you dream of a girl who will wear it one day.

The groom needs a suit or tuxedo. Of course it is more practical to buy clothes that the groom can wear in the coming years. But if that’s not important, rent a costume or tuxedo. If you are someone who will be wearing a tuxedo again next year – for another wedding or official event – buy a tuxedo. It will benefit after only two rentals.

Beauty costs

Most brides start their wedding day by visiting the salon, but keep in mind that you need to visit your hairdresser before your wedding day to develop your hairstyle plan. Do you also want to do wedding nail designs? How about a massage to relax you? Some brides are unemployed within six months at the gym, whiten teeth and do electrolysis. You decide what you can afford and what you can do for yourself.

a lot of fun

There are many variable costs in the entertainment business. Do you hire soloists for a wedding or have a friend with a beautiful voice who wants to be part of your special day? Will there be a string of quartets played during appetizers and live groups after dinner? Or will you find a DJ who can do everything?

Flowers and decoration

Marriage and flowers seem to go hand in hand. Start with the bridal bouquets, which are traditionally bought by the bridegroom, but then there are bouquets for bridesmaids, buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, corsets for mothers and mature mothers and flower petals for florists. And don’t forget the settings on each table. Some wives have friends or family members who are willing and able to make flowers. You can splurge on your bouquets, but cut flowers at the reception. Or maybe you find that balloons or candles can add a spark of the same color.

Favors and Gifts

The groom is not the only one who receives gifts at weddings. The couple usually want to thank the clerk for a small gift, which can range from expensive jewelry to more sensible memories, such as your favorite book or spa basket that you have attended to each bridesmaid. Wedding favors are usually placed by each guest plate. This could be a complicated silver frame or something as simple as a candied almond gift box. People come to you to get married – no help.


On this day DIY printers and online print shops, the price of invitations, response cards, thank you notes, and date of backup cards can be easily reduced. You no longer need engraved invitations when laser printers do a good and more personal job.

Consider some cost reduction tips when trying to reduce your wedding budget fat.